New Year's Retribution

1. Iron Dragon defeated Mike Mcsugar,Johnny Eclispe, Nightmare 2 in a 4 way gauntlet
2. Danny Duggan defeated Bobby Sharpe
3. Randy Myers/Andy Bird defeated Alex Plexis/Will Vellier
4. Scotley Crue defeated Scotty Putty
5. Barricade defeated Sgt.Hazard
6. C-block defeated J.Stack/K.Sane,T.Gaines/S.Styles, Big Sexy Beasts to become tag Champs.
7. Brandon Van Danielson defeated Big Jess to retain the Canadian Title
8. Heavy Metal defeated William Saint inside a steel Cage to become the midweight Champion

New Year's Carnage

Kevin Sane defeated Strife
Barricade defeated Trailerpark J
C-Block defeated Steven Styles/Bonecrusher
Big Jess defeated Jack Stacks
Kato defeated Nightmare 2
Big Sexy Beasts defeated Supreme Adonnas
William Saint Defeated Danny Duggan,Scotty Putty, Eclipse

THROWDOWN: Legal Alberta, September 18th 2010

Sex and Flex Express: Scotley Crue/Alex Plexis defeated Slammer/Pow Pow Patterson
Evan"Carrot" Adams defeated Jack Stacks by Pinfall
Heavy Metal defeated Andrew Hawks by DQ in a CEW Intercities title match
"Hollywood" Dusty Adonis defeated Nightmare #2
WildStyles: "Wildchild" Mike Caissie/Steven Styles defeated Damion/Justin Lock to become tag champs
"Ravenous" Randy Myers defeated Justin Toxication by Pinfall
Brandon Van Danielson defeated William Saint to become RCW Canadian Champion
Dusty Adonis won the Throwdown Rumble.

Marie Ewaschuk Memorial show: Edmonton Alberta April 24th 2010

Chucky Blaze defeated Brady Roberts,Alex Plexis and Lil Villian in a 4 way match
Slammer fought Punishment to a no contest in a retirement match
BVD,Strife,Scotley Crue,B.Sharpe defeated A.Hawks,H.Metal,W.Saint,E.Adams
Marky Mark defeated Lucas Drago
Deryck Crosse won a 30 man battle Royal
Nightmares 2 and 4 defeated Brothers in Flight
T-Bone defeated Chris Steele
S.Styles,S.Hazard,M.Cassie defeated T.Gaines,B.Jess,Damion in 6 man eliminations match
Randy Myers defeated Dusty Adonis

Live Pro Wrestling: Tofield Alberta Febuary 27th 2010

Kado Ko'd Corben Strife
Dylon Stone/Jack Pride defeated Big Jess/Heavy Metal by DQ to retain tag titles
Angel defeated Shaun Martuins
Gimp Tapout Barricade
Bobby Sharpe defeated T-Bone
Chris Steele pinned Eclipse
William Saint defeated Nightmare 2 to retain the canadian title

REBIRTH: Gibbons Alberta January 30th 2010

Nightmare #2 over Kato
Marius Defeated Heavy Metal to retain  SPW Heavyweight title
Ike Idol/Brothers In Blood defeated Jay Lanza/Stone 'N' Pride
Big Jess defeated Matt Fairline by DQ to retain CEW Intercities Title
Strife defeated Camakazee
William Saint Upset Chris Steele to retain RCW Canadian Title
Eclipse fought TBone to a time limit Draw

Summer Breakout: New Serepta Alberta June 6th 2009

Brothers in Blood defeated Freddie Youngblood and Dillion Davis

Barricade defeated Sisco Santanico

Big Jess defeated Vince Austin to become the Intercities Champion

Bi Polar defeated Badboy J

Vince Austin,F.Youngblood,D.Davis defeated Big Jess/Brothers in Blood

Badboy J won a battle Royal


6th Anniversary show: Thorsby Alberta May 30th 2009

Strife defeated Andrew Hawk

Nightmare 2 fought Kamodo Dragon to a no contest

Tex Gaines/Big Bad Boris Defeated Brothers in Blood to win the tag titles

Eclipse defeated William Saint

Chucky Blaze defeated Alex Gahlagher,Scotley Crue and Evan Adams in 4 way hardcore match

Eclipse defeated Strife to become RCW Midweight Champion and 5th Gladiator Cup winner

William Saint survived 7 other men to become Canadian Champion in Steel Cage Mayhem


GoldRush: Thorsby Alberta March 27th 2009

Alexander Hale defeated Gurv Sirha

T.Valiant,Mauler,Chris Wayne defeated Team GDW

Damion defeated Joesph Deaken

Eclipse defeated William Saint

Alex North defeated Chip Worthington

Big Jess defeated Adam Ryder

Steven Styles defeated Vance Nevada by DQ

Chip Worthington won battle Royal to become RCW Canadian title



Night of Rememberence: Morinvillew Alberta March 21st 2009

Eclipse defeated "Cold as Ice" William Saint

Strife defeated Kamodo Dragon

Steven Styles defeated Vince Austin by DQ

Tex Gaines/Big Jess defeated Ted Valiant and Damion

Brothers in Blood won the Canadian Rumble to become Canadian tag champions


New Year's Retribution: Thorsby Alberta January 24th 2009

Gurv Sirha defeated T-Bone

Boris the Bruiser defeated Alex Galhager

Chris Perish defeated Eclipse

Alexander Hale/Bombshell Bo defeated Pyro/"Mad dog" Marty Sugar

Andrew Hawks defeated Shaggy Ray Cyrus

Pete Powers defeated Adam Ryder

Chip Worthington defeated Chris Steele

Steven Styles/Mattias Wild/Slammer defeated Vance Nevada/Teddy Valiant/Mauler


New Year's Carnage: Camrose Alberta January 23rd 2009

Shaggy Ray Cyrus defeated Andrew Hawks and Chris Perish in a 3 way

Justin Case defeated Agent Red

Adam Ryder/Alexander Hale defeated Mauler/Pete Powers

William Saint defeated Eclipse

Teddy Valiant defeated Chip Worthington

Big Jess/Boris the Bruiser defeated Mike Mcsugar/Ace Riveria

Chip Worthington won a battle Royal(he now can recieve a title match anytime in 2009)

Steven Styles defeated Jack Daniels in a texas Chain Match


Golden Redemption:Thorsby Alberta Nov 29th 2008

RCW Canadian Title Match
Vance Nevada defeated Kyle Sebastian by Count out

RCW Canadian Tag Title
Domestic Partnership defeated Brothers in Flight to retain tag title belts

RCW Vixxxen's Match
Beautiful Bombshell fought Pyro to a no contest

Brothers in Blood defeated Chris Wayne/Teddy Valiant
T-Bone defeated Mattias Wilde
Shaggy Ray Cyrus,Nick Price,Alexander Hale defeated Bobby Sharpe.Marty Mackeral,Pete Powers
Andrew Hawks defeated William Saint


Morinville Alberta, Nov 15th 2008

RCW Canadian title tournament:
Round 1:
Eclipse defeated Bobby Sharpe
Slammer defeated Will Hung"
Kyle Sebastian defeated Teddy Valiant
Steven Styles defeated Chip Worthington

Kyle Sebastian defeated Slammer
Eclipse defeated Steven Styles

Kyle Sebastian defeated Eclipse to become RCW Canadian Chmpion

Non-tournament Match:
Domestic Partnership defeated Shaggy Ray Cyrus/Andrew Hawks to retain canadian tag titles

Athabasca Alberta,Sept/08

Bobby Sharpe/Willie Saint defeated Big Jess and Chris Perish"
Heavy Metal defeated Azeem the Dream to become the midweight Champion
Danni Deeds/Domestic Partnership defeated Camakazee/Los Bon Jovis
Eclipse defeated Boris the Bruiser
Teddy Valiant defeated Mauler
Shaggy R Cyrus defeated Kyle Sebastian

Thorsby Alberta, Sept 08

Big Jess defeated Boris the Bruiser to retain Canadian title
Domestic Partnership won 4 way tag match to become Tag Champions
Shaggy R Cyrus defeated Eclipse
Chris Perish defeated Danni Deeds
Bobby Sharpe defeated Kyle Sebastian
Azeem the dream defeated Heavy Metal to become midweight Champion
Brady Roberts defeated Jigger Jack

Morinville Alberta, Aug 08

Stevie Saint def. Shaggy Ray Cyrus
Pyro NC. Purity Saint
Cam!!kazee def. Slammer
Heavy Metal def. Azeem "The Dream" to retain Middleweight Championship
Tom MacDonald def. Willy Saint
Azeem "The Dream"/Kyle Sebastian NC Brothers in Blood after making it to the final 2 Teams in Elimination Tag Match due to interference
Battle Royal for Vacant RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship winner:
Big Jess