RCW Canadian Title

 1.   Vulture defeated Adrian Walls, Kerrobert Sask
 2.   Mauler defeated Vulture, Red deer Alberta
 3.   Lucas Drago defeated Mauler, Drayton Valley Alberta
 4.   Punishment defeated Lucas Drago, St.Albert Alberta
 5.   Chris Wayne defeated Punishment, Kerrobert Sask
 6.   Punishment defeated Chris Wayne, Weseca Sask
 7.   Lucas Drago defeated Punishment, St.Albert Alberta
 8.   Slammer defeated Lucas Drago, St.Albert Alberta
 9.   Jason Burry defeated Slammer, St.Albert Alberta
 10. 2 damn Hype defeated Jason Burry, Morinville Alberta
 11. Chip Worthington defeated 2 damn Hype, Sherwood Park Alberta
 12. Big Jess won battle Royal, Morinville Alberta
 13. Kyle Sebastian defeated Eclipse, tournament finals. Morinville Alberta
 14. Chip Worthington won Goldrush battle Royal, Thorsby Alberta
 15. William Saint won 8 person Steel Cage Mayhem, Thorsby Alberta
 16. Brandon Van Danielson defeated William Saint, Legal Alberta

RCW Tag team titles

1.   Patrick Myers/Steven Styles won 4 way tag, New serepta Alberta
2.   Derek Steele/Shattered Nyte defeated Styles/Myers, New Serepta Alberta
3.   Dante Priest/Damon Mercury won tag battle Royal, Barrhead Alberta
4.   Styles/Myers defeated Priest/Mercury, Barrhead Alberta
5.   Priest/Styles won tournament finals,Barhead Alberta
6.   Primetime Players awarded tag titles by forfeit,Smoky Lake Alberta
7.   Bros in Blood defeated Primetime Players, Leduc Alberta
8.   Bros in Blood defeated Mauler/Adrian Walls tournament finals,Chetwyn BC
9.   Team ED defeated Bros in Blood, Alexander Alberta
10. Bros in Blood defeated Team ED, Red deer Alberta
11. Team ED defeated Bros in Blood, Red deer Alberta
12. Born Against Christian won tournament finals, Gibbons Alberta
13. Absolute Power award tag titles by forfeit, Mundare Alberta
14. Damage by design defeated Absolute Power, Morinville Alberta
15. Saint Bros won four way tag match, Sherwood Park Alberta
16. Sebzero defeated Saint bros, Morinville Alberta
17. H.Metal/Eclipse defeated Sebzero, Morinville Alberta
18. Domestic Partnership won 4 team match, Thorsby Alberta
19. Brothers in Blood won Battle Royal, Morinville Alberta
20. Tex Gaines/BB.Boris defeated Brothers in Blood, Thorsby Alberta
21. Stone 'n' Pride awarded Tag titles by Promotions
22. Wildstyles: Steven Styles/Mike Caissie defeated Damion/Lock(Titles were vacant), Legal Alberta
23. C-Block: Slammer/Ugg won 4 team Gaunlet(Titles were Vacant), Wetaskiwin Alberta

RCW Mid weight title

1. Heavy Metal defeated Alex van Hagar, Morinville Alberta
2. Azeem the dream defeated Heavy Metal, Morinville Alberta
3. Heavy Metal defeated Azeem the dream, Athabasca Alberta
4. Eclipse defeated Strife, Thorsby Alberta
5. Heavy Metal defeated William Saint(Cage Match), Vacant title, Wetaskiwin Alberta

RCW Gladiator Cup title

2005: Adrian Walls
2006: Punishment
2007: Joesph Deakon
2008: Eclipse
2009: Eclipse

Retired titles


1. Sgt.Derek Steel, won 4 way Match, Gibbons Alberta
2. Steven Styles defeated Derek Steel, New Serepta Alberta
3. Josh Foley defeated Steven Styles, Bon Accord Alberta
4. Steven Hawkes defeated Josh Foley, Barrhead Alberta
5. Adrian Walls defeated Chris Wayne, Smoky Lake Alberta(Title was vacant)
6. Dante Priest defeated Adrian Walls, Smoky Lake Alberta
7. Badboy J defeated Dante Priest, Leduc Alberta
8. Steven Styles(2) defeated Badboy J, Leduc Alberta
9. Adrian Walls(2) defeated Steven Styles, Smoky Lake Alberta
10. Chris Wayne defeated Adrian Walls, Kerrobert Sask

RCW Lightweight Title

1. Matt Gladiator won 3 way match, Millet Alberta
Title was vacated due to the tragic death of Matt Gladiator
2. Patrick Myers won tournament final, Barrhead Alberta
3. Nik Fusion defeated Patrick Myers, Westlock Alberta
4. Joey Syxx defeated Nik Fusion, Barrhead Alberta
5. Bobby Sharp won a 3 way match, Bon Accord Alberta
6. Brady Roberts defeated Bobby Sharpe, Smoky Lake Alberta
Title vacated as Roberts left the promotion
7. Vulture won tournament finals, Smoky Lake Alberta
8. Sweet Daddy D defeated Vulture,Smoky Lake Alberta
9. Danny Manners defeated Sweet Daddy D, Leduc Alberta
Title vacated due to injury
10. Danny Manners defeated Patrick Myers, Red deer Alberta

RCW Xtreme Title

1. Mauler defeated Lucas Drago, Thorsby Alberta
2. Steven Styles defeated Damion,Tournament Finals,Morinville Alberta
3. Title is Retired as of Feb 21 2009