RCW is quickly approaching our 6th year of being on the scene in canadian wrestling. The RCW has come a long ways since our first show in Gibbons Alberta on May 10th 2003. we have seen alot of different faces come thru the RCW and some of those faces have either left RCW for different ventures or are no longer with us such as the one of the orginal RCW founders Matt" Gladiator" Verishine, who passed away in august of 03 in a car accident. The RCW is currently in the process of trying to get some of the past names to make there returns to the RCW for the 6th anniversary tour or for our summer events. Make sure to stay tuned to the RCW website and the facebook page for all the lastest news and events as they are announced. We here at RCW strive to bring the best professional wrestling entertainment to the smaller communities all thru the prairie provinces and beyond.

RCW is also current in the process of trying to secure some of top talent that is currently on the Canadian Indy scene some of those names are "Hotshot" Danny Duggan, Kevy Chevy,AJ Sanchez and others. So make sure to keep checking in with the website as you never knew when they will be making their debuts inside the RCW ring.

RCW is currently in the process in booking our Summer Blast off and Summer Breakout tours that will bring RCW to all the local communities in and around Alberta. Some of those towns are thorsby,Vimy,Camrose,Wetaskwin,Vermillion,Morinville and many others and this summer tours will feature all your favourite RCW stars like Chip Worthington,Damion,T-Bone,Shaggy Ray Cyrus and Steven Styles.

Well until next time remember to support your local indy wrestling scene as this is where the superstars of tommorrow are entertaining the crowds today.



brian savard
3/19/2011 12:53:14 am

any wetaskiwin dates?

the undertaker
3/26/2012 05:43:54 pm

hy guys!i am a pro wrestler and i should you to be very streight to your job!


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